Terms and conditions


If you are pre ordering this must be done by website or other forms of contact. We will confirm this in link, with this there will be a link for you to pay. Some orders need a 50% deposit, but all pre orders are required to be paid within 48 hours of order being completed. We will send another email 24 hours prior to cancelling invoice as a reminder, but it it remains unpaid will be automatically cancelled. If you are required to pay 50% deposit, this will not be refunded as all deposit are non refundable. We request name, delivery/collection date, telephone number, an email address and address if delivery is required. These are only used for to place order and you maybe asked for them again when you reorder, only if you paid as a guest. To pay deposit we will require this done either on website, over the phone or in store. Please, note this is not the same for events. If the item you are ordering is on backorder these can take 48 hours plus for the item to come in. In this case we will substitute or refund.


Delivery is chargeable at rate depending on item, this covers packaging and delivery service to deliver your items to your door. If you receive an item damaged during delivery you must email sales@crazycarneys.uk, if we do not receive that email within 24 hours we will not refund your products. Some items need ordering 48 – 72 hours in advance, this can delay delivery if you require next day.


All customers are entitled to a 14 day full refund period before getting item, as balloons are classed as perishable items they are not included, apart from in certain circumstance. Once you have been provided the item refund will only be provided if damage by Crazy Carneys Ltd member of staff or damage by delivery service provider can be proven in dispute with them. We will not refund personalised items, these can be changed up to 48 hours prior to delivery or collection but cannot be refunded.

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