Rose gold, pink, lilac, metallic silver and black garlands in West Yorkshire

As we start to rebuild in West Yorkshire, after our big move from Cambridgeshire. This was for a fresh start after covid and a bout of depression.

This week we had 2 garlands go out to Dewsbury in West Yorkshire. We built these up at home and delivered them to their door. We even helped with set up of these balloons as extra care to our customers.

One of the garlands was rose gold metallic, black, pastel pink and chrome pink. These are made of 3ft – 5 inch balloons, which are available in kits at £4 per foot. For inflation these are only available in West Yorkshire and they are £6 per foot. If you wish to book message us on Facebook or Instagram.

Rose gold metallic, pastel pink, pink chrome and black, 3ft – 5 inch garland.

The other garland was metallic rose gold, chrome rose gold, metalic silver, pastel pink, chrome pink and lilac. When we were requested lilac, we discussed with the customer just a few as this can sometimes come over powering to the rose gold.

These take anything from 1-2 hours to build. To start with we inflate the 3ft balloon and the 24 inch balloon, tue these together at the neck. We then tie a modelling balloon tothe centre of the 2 balloons, making sure they are double knotted for security. The modelling balloon is used as the rope keeping the balloons together.

We then inflate 2 more balloons, the sizes of these 2 balloons does not need to be strict. Get the modelling balloon wrap it around the middle of the new set and old set of balloons. As you pull it back to the top keep it tight as you use the neck of a balloon in the new set to tie the modelling balloon and secure it. Continue this until you run out of balloons or get to the required length. Make sure you keep 1 balloon to use as the water weight.

Metallic silver, metallic rose gold, chrome rose gold, chrome pink, pastel pink and lilac.

Once you are finished fill your spare balloon with water. Tie this to the big balloons at the bottom of the garland. The garland should stand on its own but for piece of mind use double sided sticky tape, but careful what you stick this to as this can cause damage when pealing off.

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